Enhance employee performance using the best reward and recognition program

An innovational recognition program drives engagement by 9X and reduces burnout by 80%. Deploy a well-designed reward & recognition program that keeps your millennial workforce, channel partners, and customers engaged, and appreciated.

Research-based Famework

We cater to your dispersed workforce through our unique SOLI framework. We make sure all your employees and channel partners are getting a fair reward who are in countries with different standards of living.

Analytical dashboards

Our intuitive dashboards contain all the insights regarding employee experience from KPIs to rewards gained. Gain insights and improve your recognition strategies for better performance.

Integrates with your internal system and applications

No need of extracting customer and employee data from various sources and applications. Integrate all the sources to make it an omnichannel.

Enable workplace gamification

We make our rewarding process more interesting and playful through fun and challenging tasks to ensure healthy competition.

Rewards and Redemptions

We offer global rewards that are diverse and variety of redemption features. Employees, partners, and customers can redeem and enjoy the rewards.