Handle your field force with the best sales software

Manage and nurture your field force 10X better through our smart field force reporting software. Our mobile app is a robust field force operation software with a customizable user interface. We have well-designed software that manages sales, distribution, and promotion that seamlessly connect the entire distribution chain.

Why use our sales software?


When you use Staracme, never worry about data breaches! Our software is highly secure in the cloud and has end-to-end encryption.

Easy to use and implement

Our software has a simple user interface that is easy to implement. Just connect your account and view your metrics instantly.

Real-time sales monitoring

Access to real-time data to gain insights about the field visits and boost the team’s performance via a sales report.

Boost productivity

Reduce the time it takes for manual operations. Our software boosts productivity by allowing users to download reports quickly and efficiently.

Accurate analytics

Our interactive and customized dashboards give insights about sales, orders, visits, and sales team performance.

Increase ROI

Cut the operational cost on a huge scale and increase ROI. With all your data in one place, make the reporting process quicker and easier.

An omnichannel

Easily connect client data from tools like Hubspot and Salesforce and build detailed reports on a single platform.

Automatic reporting

Our mobile-friendly platform allows you to know and mark the attendance of your employees directly on the mobile.

Less manual efforts

No more calculators and sales papers. Our web and mobile application makes handling all in one place easier.

Location-based Reporting

Track the entire route map of each field sales rep using our field force software. Reduce the manual labor in calling and texting to know their exact location with our GOS field tracker.

Customer Data Management

Our mobile app manages the entire customer base. Store your customer’s name, address, and all the other details in a place, and manifest them in the dashboard.

Attendance Management

Know the real-time attendance of your employees with Staracme. You don’t have to chase behind calling them. Our app has an exclusive option where your employees can punch in and out and mark their attendance.

Visit Planning & Expense Management

Manage customer meeting bookings and manage your expenses at the best level. Streamline every expense task and gain control over the expense.

Product Detailing & Order Management

Manage your complete sales and orders through one app. Streamline your bookings and send invoices automatically to your clients without fuss.

Smart Effort Dashboards

Visualize and integrate all sales reports in a single centralized dashboard. Get complete insights into the field sales operations much more efficiently.