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Managing key accounts of a business is a tiresome process as it doesn’t just involve customer data management. The process is a long day-night process that takes an empty mind to a crowded space. 

And today, we are going to make it a little easy for you. All key account managers have to understand that you don’t have to take it all on your shoulders. Here are 5 key account management tools to implement in 2023 and automate your tasks in one go!

Why do key account managers fail?

Key account managers hold accountable for keeping business and customer relationships intact. Even though Key Account Managers are the one-in-all persons to retain businesses, they do fail in some areas. 

  1. Not maintaining a relationship with existing customers so that they can have scope for upselling and cross-selling
  2. Not creating strategies with the internal stakeholders for the mutual benefit of customers and business. 
  3. Not automating manual tasks leaves time for unproductive work.

Automating the tasks gives a huge profit on time since employees don’t need to waste their time on manual tasks that don’t require human labor. 

To save time and make businesses sustainable by taking actionable strategies, we bring up 5 tools to make you productive and workflow easier.

Benchmark One

Benchmark One is exceptional software that carries a series of automotive jobs. You can organize your tasks with automation in one go. So, rather than chasing behind what’s wasting your time, do what matters the most. 

Features of Benchmark One

A few features of Benchmark One make it a perfect tool for all Managers and teams to make the workflow effective. 

  1. CRM and sales automation
  2. Email marketing
  3. Marketing automation
  4. Landing page pop-ups 
  5. Integrating APIs

Benefits of Benchmark one

  1. Maintains every customer data and analyzes them regularly
  2. Contact customer through an automated chat sequence 
  3. Collect new contacts  from online forms and import your existing contacts
  4. Integrate with Gmail, Outlook, or Teams and bring your emails and messages to your inbox
  5. Create automated B2B email templates 
  6. Build emails and newsletters.
  7. Monitor all the sales and marketing data through custom dashboards

Use benchmark one to create email responses and automate the customer management task. You can integrate it with other platforms to make the most out of it.


Membrain is a sales platform designed to optimize sales processes and improve sales performance. 

Features of Membrain

Some of the exceptional features of Membrain are:

  1. Prospecting 
  2. Active Pipeline
  3. Customer management
  4. Sales analytics tools

Benefits of Membrain to your business

  1. Provide workflow guidance to engage with customers more humanly. 
  2. Provide a guided sales structure
  3. Allows you to understand customers, and their needs and make actionable strategies to increase sales.
  4. Store and analyze the customer’s data in a structural and organized way. 
  5. Provides email management with templates and snippets.



Probably there are no marketers or sales executives who don’t know Airtable. A comprehensive suite of software that makes your entire workflow effortless. 

Features of Airtable

  1. Task management and scheduling 
  2. Linked records and relationships 
  3. Data import and export 
  4. Desktop and mobile features.
  5. Collaborative workspace and spreadsheets 

Benefits of Airtable for your team

  1. Enables you to customize workflows
  2. Allows you to add attachments, and images to the spreadsheets
  3. Collaborate with team members, track the progress of sales operations 
  4. Automate repetitive tasks, import new lead information, and assign tasks to the team.
  5. Store and manage sales data
  6. Customized dashboards, and real-time insights to track sales performance. 


Hubspot sales hub

Hubspot sales hub is the most prominent Key management software around the world. Like every other management software Hubspot sales hub comes up with a plethora of features. 

Features of Hubspot sales hub

  1. Email templates and tracking 
  2. Task assignment and scheduling meeting
  3. Document verification and tracking
  4. Sales reporting and analysis
  5. Strategize sales workflows

Benefits of Hubspot sales hub

  1. Streamlines all the sales process making the workflow efficient 
  2. Improved productivity 
  3. Enhanced collaboration between team 
  4. Track sales performance and downfalls 
  5. Provides a personalized sales outreach with snippets and templates
  6. Collect and centralize customer information

Zoho CRM

Zoho is a one-stop solution for all sales and marketing queries. With this robust automation tool, make your workflow seamless with personalized and actionable strategies. 

Features of Zoho CRM

  1. Sales automation
  2. Integration with third-party apps
  3. Mobile CRM
  4. Sales forecasting 
  5. Contact management 

Benefits of Zoho CRM to business

  1. Improves customer relationship management 
  2. Streamlines process such as calls, emails, and messages
  3. Improve sales productivity by automating repetitive tasks
  4. Guides you to set realistic targets, increase scalability
  5. Easy access to contacts and messages due to seamless integration
  6. Mobile-enabled platform to provide easy access to dashboards

You can manage it all!

Key account management is based mainly on improving customer relationship management. Every strategy taken by a key account manager should take them closer to retaining clients. Above mentioned tools are all-in-one CRM, Sales, and marketing automation software that can ease the work and take the burden off the shoulders. By strategizing and organizing every task, Key account managers can manage it all. 

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